Fireman Chase


Chase comes from a long line of Firefighters, EMT’s and Fire Chiefs – looks like he has what it takes to become Chief. Needless to say we can’t get enough of ‘little man’.


Here’s one of Chase’s favorite photo’s with his grandpa from his 1st Birthday party with the family in Arizona.


And of course, music is in his future…


He is the happiest little thing and his parents are absolutely terrific with him.



See Ya!


June 6, 2013 Show Low, Arizona - Our First Campground

Left Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort, our winter home in Casa Grande, AZ on Monday. Planning to make a large loop thru Arizona, New Mexico, Texas (panhandle), Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Western Colorado and end up back in Arizona sometime around November 1.

Our first stop is usually at Fool Hollow State Park in Show Low, AZ, where many of the RV campsites overlook Fool Hollow Lake.

120 acre Fool Hollow Lake

Show Low, Arizona is located in the White Mountains on top of the Mogollon Rim. Lots of beauty.

Dobbie loves the woods: the scents, the birds and the squirrels.

Lots of birds in the area
Our campsite overlooked the lake.

My first attempt at capturing the night sky - needs improvement

We will leave here in a few days and head off to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

See Ya!


Tri-Cities, Washington: Hood Park, COE Campground


The tri-cities area of Washington is in the southeast corner of the state. We found a great Corps of Engineers Campground here called Hood Park. It’s on the Snake River just above the point the Snake River empties into the Columbia River.


In fact its only two miles above the point Lewis & Clark camped during their epic exploration of the ‘wilderness’ west of St Louis, looking for the highly hoped for but non-existent Northwest Passage.D7K_0715

There was a grain storage facility on the far bank that became a nice focal point for several spectacular sunsets.


We almost always enjoy COE campgrounds and Hood Park is no exception. Peaceful, quiet, clean and well maintained, Hood Park was a little slice of heaven.

D7K_0735     D7K_0766 D7K_0772   D7K_0868  D7K_0918

Just a little fun at night with the river and barge lights…


Loved the geese in the sky and in the water.

See Ya!


Crater Lake, Oregon: 56 Feet of Snow Last Winter

Yes, you read that right. They had 56 FEET of snow at Crater Lake last winter! Throughout the Sierra Nevada’s they had a lot of snow last year. Around 2X as much snow as usual.

D7K_0369 D7K_0375   D7K_0379

And Crater Lake gets a lot of snow in a normal year. It ‘normally’ takes them 3+ months to clear the road that circumnavigates the lake. This year however, the road was not completely opened until mid-July.


Didn’t stop the flowers from blooming magnificently...




The blue color is intense; hard to tell from the photos just how clear the water is. It’s all snow melt. No rivers flow into or out of Crater Lake. Precipitation, snowmelt and evaporation are in a constant battle with the outcome declared a tie. The lake level stays relatively the same year after year.

D7K_0463 D7K_0459

The lake is roughly 6 miles across and 1,949 feet at its deepest point. Wow. Simply amazing.

See Ya!

Dale & Mary Lynn


Mt. Shasta California: America’s Mt. Fuji ?

We left Reno travelling on the back roads thru the Sierra Nevada’s until we arrived in Mt Shasta, California. The mountain is beautiful and is visible, in some places for over 50 miles.

D7K_0115  D7K_0308

In fact, when approaching Mt Shasta from the North, it has been given the nickname of “America’s Mt Fuji”, because it resembles the famous Japanese mountain in both shape and visibility from afar.  I look forward to seeing Mt Fuji in person someday so I can judge for myself…


This steep sided cinder cone is located just to the Northwest of Mt Shasta; in fact this photo was taken from the lower flank of Mt Shasta. This is called Black Butte cinder cone.

D7K_0164 Love it when I can get an insect or two crawling around on a flower…


This was a far up Mt Shasta as we could drive; the road was closed from here on up due to snow. Remember this is in late July.

 D7K_0189 D7K_0196

We went to a festival in Weed, California, complete with music, hippies and this cool 1923 Fire Engine. For some reason the town of Weed smells just like it’s name sake – it seemed everyone around us was smoking a joint or a bowl. The police seemed to concentrate on people who were drinking too much…


Everywhere you went around Mt Shasta, the views of the mountain were spectacular.

D7K_0300 D7K_0256

These conifers grew wild along the road up Mt Shasta, looking for all the world like they were sheared into shape on a regular basis, but of course they are not.

 D7K_0265 D7K_0281 D7K_0283

While exploring around Mt Shasta we found a cool reservoir that had only a few small boats out water skiing. Not packed with people like the lakes back East.

See Ya!

Dale & Mary Lynn

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